Where will Damian Lillard end up? This is question that many fans are asking after the star requested a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers. Many teams are in the running to compete for the star's services, including the Miami Heat, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Boston Celtics. The Heat are considered by many to be the favorites to land Damian Lillard in a trade, and the odds reflect that, per Evan Sidery.

“Current betting odds on where Damian Lillard will play next season via @DKSportsbook:

Heat = -300
Celtics = +550
Trail Blazers = +700
Clippers = +800
Sixers = +1000
Nets = +1400”

The Heat are the favorites to land Damian Lillard in a trade because of two reasons. The first, and arguably the biggest reason, is that Dame specifically requested Miami as his target destination when a trade materializes. The Blazers aren't obligated to trade Lillard to his team of choice, but it does incentivize Miami to fork over what Portland wants in a trade. Preferably, that package includes one of Tyler Herro and/or Bam Adebayo.

That brings us to the next reason why the Heat are favored in a Lillard trade. Miami has two young stars in Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo that can they can dangle for Lillard. Ideally, the team keeps Adebayo, but if Portland plays hardball, both could be on the table. Meanwhile, the others team's packages pale in comparison.

Other teams competing with the Heat for Lillard's services are the Celtics, Clippers, Sixers, and Nets. Interesting, the Blazers are still in the mix in terms of trade odds. After all, Lillard still has three years left in his contract. unless Dame threatens to sit out, there's no real urgency for Portland to trade him immediately. In fact, Lillard could change his mind! We'll see how this messy situations ends up being resolved over the next few weeks.