We saw some pretty big reveals with EA Sports FC 24 last week. EA Sports' Amsterdam livestream revealed a lot of information regarding the game, including the cover, release date, pre-order details, and much more.

We received even more details on the game, including it's manager and player career modes, which are now split into two separate modes. Previously, the FIFA games bottled both modes into one under “Career”. Now, in an effort to revitalize the mode, players can choose between a Player and Manager Career.

Here are the biggest additions coming to EA Sports FC 24's Career Mode:

Manager Career – Tactical Visions Creates & Spectator Mode

In Manager Career, players can create or take control of an existing manager and lead their respective team(s) to glory. A new total management system is coming to FC 24 called Tactical visions. It enables players, both old and new, to create a football “philosophy” of their own.

“Long time career mode fans will benefit from the added flexibility on how bonuses are being assigned to players, giving them more options to get the most out of their squads” – Alex Constantinescu, Principal Game Designer

There are 7 total tactical visions, including the following:

  • Tiki-Taka – Ball Retention & Passing Style
  • Gegenpressing – Counter Pressing Style that attempts to win ball back in dangerous areas
  • Counter-Attack – All teams attack quickly once gaining possession of ball
  • Park The Bus – Players form behind the ball when out of possession

And another nice feature is spectator mode. This means while you can customize your in-game tactics and strategy, you can just watch the games to get a more realistic manager experience. The mode offers you different camera angles, including one from the manager's view.

Coaches & Match Preparation

Perhaps the biggest addition is adding more coaches to your staff across different aspects of the pitch:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defence
  • Midfield
  • Attack

Players can access a coach market, where they can see different coaches and their ratings based on a few factors. This includes their skills across all four of the aspects above. Players also have a weekly budget they may allocate to get a coach they want, or dump coaches they don't need. These coaches give different tactical boosts to players. Therefore, it's equally important to invest in coaches and tactical visions in addition to your roster.

But it doesn't end there. Once your vision, coaches, and roster are all decided, it's time to prepare for a match. There's three different ways to prepare for your upcoming opponent. FC 24 introduces Match Preparation, which is broken into three phases:

  • Training Plans – Allow Managers to ensure their players are match-fit for every game
  • Pre Match Reports – Check opposition formation, tactical vision, strengths and weaknesses, and key players
  • Match Ready Training – Pre-Match Training Sessions that offer players temporary PlayStyles before each match. We'll dive deeper into this topic later on.

Pre-Match Training Sessions & Dynamic Moments

Before each match begins, you'll want to prepare for the opponent team, their Play Styles, and more by participating in Pre-Match Training Sessions. These sessions aren't particularly new, but they remain in FC 24 and are available for your team before each match. Depending on the opponent you face, there may be certain areas you'd like your team and staff to focus on.

The following are some of the available pre-match training sessions:

  • Interceptor – Beat the defender and cross the ball while in the highlighted zone. The zone will change position every round
  • Game Crossing Scenarios – Cross to players in the box and score goals. Avoid defenders and losing the ball
  • Hold the line – Get the ball from the defenders as they try to dribble past you back and forth
  • Champion attacking scenarios – score as many goals as possible in different attacking situations
  • Fast shots – Score as many times as possible before you run out of time
  • Chip shots – Drbble through the gates and chip shot over the goal keeper
  • Counter attack scenarios – take the ball from the opponents then try and counter attack to the other side
  • Pinpont crossing – cross to the better positioned teammates from different corner scenarios
  • PK Against The Keeper – score as many goals as possible against the goalkeeper
  • Precision Penalty – shoot through the gaps between the dummies. Hit targets for extra score
  • Direct free kick adept – score as many goals as possible
  • In-game set pieces – score as many goals as possible throughout different set piece scenarios
  • Out of the box shots – Score as many goals as possible while shooting from inside the highlighted area. Hitting targets awards extra points
  • Precision Passing – Pass the ball to the highlighted zone in time for your teammate to receive it

Completing a Pre-Match Training Session offers a player a temporary PlayStyle they'll use during the match. It's a great way to help young and developing players who need the boost to become more productive players.

And last but not least, career mode will now include Dynamic Moments. This includes specialized cutscenes that celebrate different moments throughout your player/club's career. We're not sure how often these occur, but we do know winning the Champions League Trophy triggers a Dynamic moment of players and fans celebrating.

Player Career – Agents & Player Personalities

Last but not least is Player Career, which receives a few improvements as well.

The biggest addition to Player Careers is a deeper implementation of your player's agent. Arguably among the most important personnel in Football aren't just the players but the people who represent them. EA FC 24 plans to build on this relationship while you aim to create the career you want to have.

You'll continue renewing/signing contracts with different clubs, who may have different goals set for you dependent upon multiple factors. There's Contract and Wage objectives, giving you more incentive to reach your player goals and become globally recognized. The Agent still allows you to decide where you want to play, and helps you in terms of transfer accommodations.

Your Agent will set up Career Path Objectives with you, helping you tailor your career experience the way you want it to be. The developers want you to have more control, and have essentially given you a buddy who can make your dreams a reality.

Player Personalities from FIFA 23 return and are connected to the new PlayStyles. For example, with a Heartbeat personality you may want to try an Aerial PlayStyle, or with a Maverick Personality the player may experiment with a Trickster PlayStyle. There's numerous ways to build your character as your season progresses.

Dynamic Moments also occur in Player Career. For example, winning the Ballon d'Or takes you to a special cutscene where your player receives the trophy and walks up to the podium.

Additionally, a new player focus camera zooms in on you when you have the ball in important situations. Clock's ticking and you need to tie the match? The camera should focus in on you, giving you a better idea of your surroundings.

EA Sports FC 24 Release Date

That about wraps it up for EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode.

FC 24 is the first football video game from EA Sports without the FIFA title. EA Sports VP David Jackson is optimistic about the future of the franchise.

EA Sports FC 24 comes out September 29th. The game is available for pre-order for PS5, PS4Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Ultimate Edition owners receive 7 days of early access.

Erling Haaland is the cover athlete for FC 24. He's joined by 30 other prestigious football players on The Ultimate Edition cover.

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