After a disappointing season, the New York Giants enter their offseason with Saquon Barkley headed to free agency. But if it were up to Kayvon Thibodeaux, the Giants would have already locked Barkley up to a long-term contract.

Thibodeaux wasn't upset that New York signed quarterback Daniel Jones to a $160 million contract. Moreso, he is upset that the Giants didn't reward Barkley for his effort and work on the field, via 7PM in Brooklyn, a Wave Sports + Entertainment Original.

“Tell you what I'm mad at, and it's the only thing I'll say about that. What I'm mad about is that Saquon, because if you look at the game tape, the tape, Saquon was responsible for at least 30 percent of our offensive plays.”

“So for me and for the integrity of working together and hard work, and we all believe the same things, I feel like Saquon should have got paid first,” Thibodeaux continued. “That's what I feel.”

Barkley was named to the Pro Bowl in 2022, a season in which the Giants went 9-7-1 and reached the Divisional Round. He ran for 1,312 yards and 10 touchdowns. His numbers dropped off slightly in 2023, but Barkley still ran for 962 yards and six touchdowns. Over both seasons, Barkley caught 98 passes for 618 yards and four touchdowns.

While Barkley has spent the entirely of his NFL career with the Giants, his tenure may soon be coming to a closer. Kayvon Thibodeaux, like many of his teammates, will be sad to see the flashy running back go. New York's offense will certainly take a hit. For Thibodeaux, how the Giants handled Barkley's contract dealings didn't necessarily sit right with him.