Aaron Rodgers is always brutally honest. Some love him for it, while others aren't big fans of his comments on certain topics. Rodgers, who was hesitant to take someone's spot amid a return to the New York Jets active roster, has dealt with criticism. While speaking on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said he wants his critics to reveal their “vax status” before addressing his situation.

“It's the same people, with the same comments. I think what we should do is, the same people who are criticizing me, or coming up with these conspiracies about my injury, whatever… before they talk, let's go back to 2021 and let's make people say their vax status to start,” Aaron Rodgers said. “That'll frame all these comments in the right window.

“Before they say something, let's have them say, and ESPN is probably gonna shut us off here, let's have them say, ‘hey, I'm so-and-so, double-vaxed with Pfizer and triple-boosted and my opinion about this is this guy's a bad guy because he just wanted to practice and took money away.' Then at least you'd know and everybody could know at that point that they have their puppet masters who are puppeteering them to say this certain thing about this guy and that they're still upset that I believe in medical freedom.”

Aaron Rodgers' eye-opening request

Rodgers, again, is never one to hold back and that was the case without question during this episode of the Pat McAfee Show. Will his eye-opening request for his critics to reveal their vaccination statuses ever come to fruition? Probably not, but Rodgers seems to believe that his vaccination status has caused some people to criticize him.

It will be interesting to see how the sports world will respond to his comments. Regardless of one's opinion on Aaron Rodgers, his brutally honest request will lead to no shortage of opinions and discussion.