When Aaron Rodgers went down for the season with a torn achilles, rumors began swirling that the New York Jets could consider signing Colin Kaepernick after Kaepernick's agent reached out to the team. The Jets have maintained that Zach Wilson is their starting quarterback going forward, but they also are looking for backup options.

The Jets have since confirmed that they will not pursue Kaepernick. Former Jets wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson elaborated on the reasons why the signing of Kaepernick would not happen.

“Seven years is a long, long time, for anybody in any sport to do anything …There's so much to unpack around Kaepernick's situation any who he is and what he is and what he stands for. …The ownership group has to align themselves with the thinking process of the quarterback…That's not gonna happen,” via FOX Sports Undisputed.

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As Johnson says, there are several reasons Colin Kaepernick was not a serious option for the Jets. For one, he hasn't played in seven years since the 2016 season when he had a 16-4 TD/INT ratio and 1-10 record through the 11 games he started. Since becoming a free agent, Kaepernick has worked out or visited with the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, and Las Vegas Raiders, but was never signed. Given how long he has been out of the game, it would be hard for him to come back and play effectively.

Keyshawn Johnson also points out the distraction Kaepernick brings to a team. Adding Kaepernick to the Jets would undoubtedly bring a media spectacle to the team. Lastly, Jets owner Woody Johnson has opposite views and beliefs than Kaepernick, which further makes it unlikely that the organization would consider signing him.