Joint practices are getting canceled at every corner of the league. Some teams disclose their reason for derailing their NFL Preseason plans while some do not. Robert Saleh and the New York Jets had to cancel their scheduled training with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The reason for moving the session was unknown but former New York Giants star Tiki Barber offered an explanation. It was to the dismay of the Jets' head coach that he had gotten everything detail of the speculation wrong.

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Coach Robert Saleh finally revealed that the reason for the cancelation of joint practices between the Jets and Buccaneers. It had been because of player safety. This was miles off Tiki Barber's suggestion that Hard Knocks was the reason for their NFL Preseason training to be put on hold. The former Giants player had proclaimed that the Jets' head coach was being put in a bad light. Specifically, he pointed out that it was because of the show. He ascertained that this was the reason but later on apologized.

Barber would go on to apologize for his mistake in his latest statement, via Andy Vazquez of The Star-Ledger. “We have talked it out, so to speak. Just wanted to get that out there because some people were curious about my thinking,” he said with much disdain for his actions. The former NFL player would add the nature of his current job and why he still fell short of the professional expectations set upon him, “We speculate in this business, and I was wrong.”