Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is pulling a LeBron James, according to Twitter. Rodgers, who has been the talk of the sports world over the last several days as the New York Jets continue to engage in trade talks and move mountains for him, is planning on making a live appearance on the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday before the start of the new league year.

Twitter users couldn't help but notice the similarities in the Packers quarterback's planned McAfee appearance- and James' own The Decision telecast before his infamous Miami Heat free agency announcement.

Fans took to Twitter to share their takes on the eerily similar Rodgers-James moves.

It certainly does seem that way, though it's worth noting that James was a free agent while Rodgers is not.

The Packers star has even told the team he's rumored to be joining, the Jets, what players he would like for them to bring in alongside him, just like LeBron James.

Now, NFL fans, who have been waiting- rather impatiently- for Aaron Rodgers to make his decision, will now have to sit through another episode of the Pat McAfee Show.

They're reacting as you would expect.

Certainly, an interesting choice here by Rodgers, given that James was viewed as a villain for quite some time after The Decision.

Some want the Packers QB to face the same wrath for his McAfee plan.

It's a safe bet that whether he retires, announces his intention to be traded to the Jets or says nothing at all, Rodgers will be torn to pieces by fans and pundits everywhere.

The Packers star's Pat McAfee Show appearance might just rival James' The Decision when all is said and done.