In last week's installment of The Righteous Gemstones, we finally see Eli and May-May's kids get along. Meanwhile, Baby Billy is one step closer to making his game show a reality with Tiffany. This week, though, trouble is brewing for everyone once again. Learn how the most recent chapter went down in The Righteous Gemstones season 3 episode 4 ending explained.

The Righteous Gemstones season 3 episode 4 ending explained

The Righteous Gemstones, Max, EntertainmentIn this week's The Righteous Gemstones season 3 episode 4 recap, Keefe is overseeing the church's teens and their parents in an ice cream and wiener party. Without any warning, one of the men who got his supply of sex toy depleted due to Keefe purchasing them confronts him and outs him to everyone about what he did.

The episode shifts to Jesse and Amber, with the former explaining the importance of joining the Cape and Pistol Society, an organization of firearm-loving pastors. All of a sudden, Pontius comes in with Michaela, his girlfriend. His parents admonish him for not getting into a single college, prompting the two to leave. Meanwhile, Karl and Chuck Montgomery are being groomed and prepped to look better since they're now residing inside the Gemstone compound and are about to attend Sunday service with their extended family.

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After the service, the Gemstones have lunch together with the Montgomeries at their usual place. Peter, May-May's husband and the father to her kids, suddenly arrives. He apologizes to Karl and Chuck for his unfounded accusations and invites them to come back home. The two reject him, causing Peter to get mad. As a result, Eli and his family draw their guns on Peter, a development that prompts him to leave. But before doing so, he threatens Eli by saying that a reckoning will come to him and his family soon.

The following day, Kelvin confronts Keefe about what happened at the ice cream and wiener party and tells him how mad he is at the incident. Meanwhile, Judy receives a picture of Stephen's genitalia while he is out on a date with BJ. Shortly after, BJ gets the same picture sent to his phone, leading Judy to block the number. She then avoids her husband's questions and continues on with their date.

During a Cape and Pistol meeting, Jesse is finally inducted into the said society. He is approached by Craig Simkins, who then roasts him for getting into their group the easy way by being Eli's son. In turn, Jesse cusses him out, which attracts the attention of their leader because profanity is banned within their chambers. Jesse is then issued a white slap, a form of punishment that involves a masked member slapping him.

Outside the building, Baby Billy sees Jesse hanging around. He then pitches Bible Bonkers back before the two almost get into a fight. Baby Billy takes the chance to tell Jesse that he's not his daddy, as Eli had Aimee Leigh to help him out, while Jesse only has his siblings to help him run the church. Before Jesse leaves, Baby Billy promises to resurrect their mother in order to bring their church back to its former glory.

Back in the Gemstone compound, Eli finds Karl and Chuck exterminating gophers living within their property. Eli tells them how proud he is because they stood up to their father. As this is happening, Kelvin speaks to the parents of his teen ministry members. They tell Eli Gamestone's youngest child that they don't want Keefe around their children, or they'll remove them from his ministry.

Over in an outdoor court, BJ gets paired up with Stephen in a Pickleball doubles match. After talking dirty about a certain girl. BJ stops Stephen and asks him to tone his rhetoric down. Stephen implies that he loves the girl, leaving BJ wondering what he meant. Meanwhile, BJ and May May spend time together as the pair talk about their children.

Inside the church, Jesse and Judy tell Kelvin that Keefe needs to go after tarnishing his reputation recently. Shortly after, BJ tells Judy about his encounter with Stephen over dinner. The pair agree that speaking to BJ is not the best course of action as it may aggravate him more. Jesse, meanwhile, confronts Baby Billy about his earlier boast that Aimee Leigh can be resurrected. He reveals that by using an AI hologram, her mother can be shown again to the public, causing Jesse to tear up at the sight of his mother.

Kelvin talks to Keefe and tells him that he's out as the assistant youth pastor and moving him to immigrant outreach. Keefe agrees, tells him that he'll take the job, and move out the following day. As he leaves Kelvin in the room, Eli's youngest son is visibly distraught by the development. Meanwhile, Judy confronts Stephen inside an arcade about his recent encounter with BJ and all the messages he's been sending them. BJ arrives as it's revealed that Stephen also invited him to meet and discuss what they've been hiding all along.

Back in the garden, Eli organizes a get-together for May-May with her kids playing music for her. While the song is playing, a montage of scenes shows Jesse catching Pontius having sex with his girlfriend, BJ and Judy having a fight, Keefe leaving, and the Montgomery brothers meeting with their father and giving him a truck full of Ammonium Nitrate. The episode ends with Peter colluding with his sons behind Eli and May-May's backs.

What just happened? The Righteous Gemstones season 3 episode 4 recap

After the events of episode 3, all seems well between the Gemstones and Montgomeries. In the latest installment of The Righteous Gemstones, we see Eli's kids deal with their respective issues and see them all spiral out of control. Jesse is having trouble running the church while Pontius is openly disrespecting him, Kelvin has to let Keefe go due to his involvement with the purchase of sex toys, and Judy needs to address his affair with Stephen to BJ.

But above all else, Karl and Chuck were revealed to still have ties with their father and going behind everyone's backs in the episode, especially May-May and Eli. It remains to be seen how their betrayal will play out in future episodes of The Righteous Gemstones. Until then, stay tuned to Max and ClutchPoints Entertainment for more updates.