The Golden State Warriors got a lot of quality production from Kevon Looney in the 2023 NBA Playoffs, albeit not enough to help them advance passed the Los Angeles Lakers. Looney figures to be a continued part of the Warriors future, and based on what he has learned from Draymond Green, he probably wants his long-time teammate to be around as well, reports Uproxx's Jackson Frank.

“He’s been somebody I’ve learned a lot from on both sides of court. For his position, he’s probably one of the best passers in the league. The way he’s able to set screens and do the dribble handoffs and get the other guys involved, it’s something that I’ve been paying attention to my whole career. To be able to make plays in the pocket and slow it down and know when to push it.”

That is what Kevon Looney had to say about Draymond Green, emphasizing that Green has been key in teaching Looney the little things that not many people pay attention to. Nonetheless, this is on the offensive end, and Looney made sure to emphasize that Green has taught him just as much about defense as well.

“And then, on the defensive end, learning the terminology, how to communicate better, how to be in the right spots and learn different player tendencies, and learn how to guard better in the post is what I learned from Draymond.”

It is clear that Kevon Looney has the utmost respect for Draymond Green, and there are very few facets of the way that Green plays the game that Looney hasn't studied while with the Warriors. Although neither guy are Steph Curry or Klay Thompson, this type of chemistry is a big reason the Warriors have four titles over the past decade.