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Warriors star Stephen Curry’s brutally honest response to LeBron James’ MVP endorsement

Warriors, Stephen Curry, LeBron James

Earlier in the week, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James revealed that in his mind, Stephen Curry is this season’s MVP. The Golden State Warriors superstar has since caught wind of LeBron’s rather surprising endorsement, and he has come out with an unsurprisingly no-nonsense response.

Curry acknowledged LeBron’s praise, but quickly shifted his focus to the highly-anticipated play-in matchup between the Warriors and the Lakers on Wednesday:

“I respect him for it and I appreciate it,” Curry said, via Mark Medina of USA Today. “We all know as competitors, though, when the lights are on, I can talk about how great he is until I’m blue in the face and he can do the same, it doesn’t change how we approach that competition when we’re out there.”

Curry just bagged this season’s scoring title after yet another historic campaign for the former back-to-back league MVP. Nevertheless, he’s still considered to be a distant second to Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets in terms of the 2020-21 MVP race. LeBron, on the other hand, thinks otherwise.

For his part, Curry clearly has more pressing matters on his mind. At this point, the only thing that matters to him is that the Dubs come out on top when they battle the Lakers for the seventh seed come Wednesday night.

When asked if he thought that LeBron was playing mind games with his MVP remarks, Steph just laughed it off:

“I love no matter if it’s me or him, there’s always another element.” Steph added, “I’m appreciative.”

There is indeed always an underlying narrative when it comes to Steph and LeBron. We get to witness another chapter of their rivalry unfold on Wednesday in what should be an all-out battle between the Warriors and the Lakers.