Ever since Maxxine Dupri took an interest in Otis, first as a Maximum Male Model and then in a Mandy Rose sort of way, Chad Gable has been hesitant to let his number one guy attempt to spread his wings and fly… at least until the most recent edition of RAW, when Dupri actually helped the team pull out a win over The Viking Raiders.

Discussing their makeshift partnership on RAW Talk with Byron Saxton, Gable initially corrected Dupri when she called Otis Otís before turning over a new leaf and showing the world a more learned Master Gable.

“That’s Otis, and we’ll work on that but look, normally Master Gable’s philosophy about these types of things is ‘women weaken legs,’ okay?” Chad Gable said. “But I’m a man of the world. I’m a man of intellect, okay? I’m learned, so I’m not above educating myself and accepting the fact that maybe, just maybe, behind every number one guy, is a number one girl. Thank you!”

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So what gives? Are the Maximum Male Models over? Is Maxxine pulling double duty with the Alpha Academy and the MMMs? Or has the magnetic kavorka of Otis pulled another blonde away from her typical duties in the WWE Universe like he has a tendency to do? Either way, as long as WWE's willing to commit time each week to the Gable-Otis-Dupri storyline, it's safe to say fans will keep watching it, as there's just something so fun about watching Otis get woo-ed, and Master Gable get in his feelings about it.