When Shayna Bazler walked out with Zoey Stark at Josh Barnett's Bloodsport to throw down with one of the toughest performers on the indies, Masha Slamovich, it effectively shattered a glass ceiling for WWE in a major way.

Now granted, WWE performers have worked matches outside of the promotion before, with Charley Dempsey, Karl Anderson, and Shinsuke Nakamura all working matches for other promotions since Paul “Triple H” Levesque became the promotion's CCO, but those matches all happened in Japan and required special efforts to view for fans who wanted to witness history. All one had to do to watch Bloodsport was have internet access and a few dollars in their pocket, as the show happened in Philadelphia right around the same time as SmackDown and was televised all over the world.

In Natalya's opinion, Bloodsport should serve as the opening bells of a new era, not a special treat for the really hardcore fans of the sport, as there's so much wrestling for fans to watch around the world and introducing that to WWE fans is a win-win for everyone involved in the industry.

“Yeah. I just love that we can all celebrate wrestling this weekend. For me, this is the biggest WrestleMania in WWE history. It’s amazing. But when we have WrestleMania, we all come together and celebrate as a family, as a community,” Natalya told Fightful. “I saw so many cool people backstage there. Yeah. It’s so cool because Nick really supports the wrestling community, and that is such a cool thing to see. That’s how our business has evolved so much. I felt so excited to see Nick there supporting Shayna and Josh Barnett. I actually trained with Shayna and Josh Barnett before Shayna ever even came to WWE. I trained with Josh Barnett many years ago, and he’s such a great coach. But it was exciting to be there celebrating wrestling. That’s what we’re doing this weekend. To me, I love all wrestling. I watch everything and I think it’s important to support our friends and this community, but also lift each other up because this weekend we’re eating. We’re eating good.”

Asked if she would be interested in working a future Bloodsport, Natalya said yes, noting that there are plenty out performers outside of WWE that she would like to work with.

“I think after having trained with Josh. Josh has helped me so much, especially with my submission game and especially after training in the Dungeon with my family in Calgary and the Dungeon that TJ and I have now. I would love to do something like Bloodsport,” Natalya noted. “I think it was cool. It was such a great environment. The fans that were at that show made the show so much fun and I would love to do something like that. I think it’s so cool that WWE is doing more stuff like that. I think when we saw Jordynne Grace in the women’s Rumble, it’s like, ‘This is amazing.’ This is a sign of how the industry is changing. Even yesterday I was able to go and visit Aja Kong at Stardom and I was able to see Kyoko Inoue. Aja and I teamed up before I ever came to WWE. I did a tour with Aja and Kyoko Inoue and for people to see them and to see the women at Stardom and celebrate what these women do, they put their hearts on the line. It made me so proud to be able to support them.”

Whoa, Natalya at Bloodsport XI confirmed, maybe against her long-time crush Hiroshi Tanahashi? Only time will tell, but Natalya isn't alone in her desire to see more WWE performers abroad, as Big E, too, would love to see some New Japan Pro Wrestling stars on RAW or Smackdown, or the other way around.

Big E would also like to see Bloodsport bringing more stars to WWE.

Discussing Shayna Baszler's time in Bloodsport on WrestleMania 40 weekend, this time in an appearance at Fanatics Live, Big E noted that he would love to see Triple H branch out and bring in some talent from New Japan moving forward, as he'd love to see performers like Shingo Takagi work matches in WWE.

“My thoughts on New Japan? I always have. I love that wrestling is in a really great spot where people have a lot of different options. There is a ton to watch, a ton of different styles,” Big E explained via Fightful. “I love Shingo Takagi. I think he is very, very talented. There’s a ton of great talent in New Japan, and I feel like New Japan has greatly influenced a lot of the style of modern US wrestling. At least we all think we can make it in New Japan. A lot of us dream of one day doing a run in Japan, or doing a G1. But it takes a toll, from what I hear. It’d be cool. I think we’re doing more, obviously, it’s really cool to see Shayna [Baszler] at Bloodsport. Wasn’t [William] Regal’s son [also at Bloodsport?] Yeah. So I feel like now we’re in an atmosphere where you might get to see a talent change between New Japan and WWE. That’d be cool.”

Unfortunately for Big E, New Japan Pro Wrestling is more or less in bed with AEW, and it would take quite a bit to bring one of their stars to RAW or SmackDown for a match or angle. Bringing a WWE star over to New Japan, however, feels far more likely, as even Kenny Omega, an AEW EVP and NJPW legend, has suggested allowing a few fixtures of RAW, SmackDown, or even NXT to take part in the G1 Climax. His picks for the event? Well that would include Seth Rollins, Gunther, and Ilja Dragunov, three performers who have extensive indie experience who would fit right into the hard-hitting style the G1 has mastered.