Folks, it's official; Kevin Owens will be the 10th and final member of the men's namesake match at WWE Survivor Series WarGames. While fans both at home and in the arena weren't too surprised by the appearance of “The Prize Fighter,” as he was the most logical 10th man for the match, his status heading into the “Premium Live Event” was called into question when it was reported that Owens suffered an MCL Sprian in a house show bout with Austin Theory that left him with an unclear timetable to return.

Could this piece of news have been planted to add intrigue to the match? Maybe but it's pretty telling that WWE never mentioned the injury once on commentary, signifying that maybe, just maybe, this injury could have forced the creative team to change their plans and pivot to another performer, say, Karrion Kross, who was grilled by The Usos in the backstage area about his Survivor Series status during the show.

Establishing that someone would be coming out to complete the WarGames team that also featured Drew McIntyre and the Brawling Brutes, right from the jump, fans had to wait until the end SmackDown‘s main event, Sami Zayn vs. Butch to see who would come out to even the odds in an assumed brawl between the two sides. Fortunately, fans didn't have to wait too long for that to happen, as, within seconds of Butch being declared the winner, Solo Sikoa jumped into the ring and beat the bricks off of the smallest, brawling-est Brute, which, in turn, led everyone else joining in on the fun.

While the arrival of Roman Reigns helped to turn the tides in The Bloodline's favor, as the “Head of the Table” cleared the scraps left behind by his family members, his emergence was neutralized by the wailing guitar chords of Owens' theme, which created an interesting result indeed, considering his decades-spanning relationship with the “Honorary Uce.”

Would Zayn, empowered by his new status as an adjunct member of the Anoaʻi family, turn his back on his long-time Canadian friend and take out Owens in the service of Reigns? Or would he stands frozen and allow for Owens and Reigns, two men who don't like each other, like, at all, to have their way with each other regardless of the outcome? Fortunately, or not, depending on your preference, it was the latter, and after watching Owens stun the “Head of the Table” with one of his signature moves, fans now have to wonder just how connected the members of The Bloodline are at this stage of the game, especially as they prepare for a match designed to be worked as a team.

Drew McIntyre dishes on his unlikely partnership with his oldest WWE rival.

Outside of the ring, McIntyre and Sheamus are pals, with the former serving as the best man at the latter's wedding, but in WWE, there are few rivalries that run deeper than that of “The Scottish Warrior” and “The Celtic Warrior.” They've shared the ring over 100 times according to Cagematch, have wrestled on 16 occasions for a championship, and even worked matches all the way back in 2006, when Sheamus had the last name O'Shaunessy, and Drew was going by his shoot last name Galloway in IWW.

So what gives? Why has McIntyre put aside his differences with his former tag team partner in order to put the first dent in the armor of The Bloodline's leader, Roman Reigns? Fortunately, “The Chosen One” decided to sit down with The Rick and Cutter Show to discuss just that, as transcribed by Fightful.

“We've been around each other for 20 years now in wrestling and life and all the ups and downs,” McIntyre said. “I don't think there's anything we've not seen together or done together. It's pretty cool to see his resurgence since Clash at the Castle and finally getting his flowers and respect for everything he's done and achieved and the quality matches he brings every single week. It's pretty cool to be back side by side with him on the TV show. Everyone knows Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are deadly together, but we might just turn on each other at any given time and start fighting each other. We're back on the same page just in time because somebody has to take down The Bloodline.”

Oh no, could WarGames feature some in-fighting between the two stars as part of the match's finish? Could the feud between the two former Universal Champions prove deeper than The Bloodline and go on to set up McIntyre-Sheamus 1,001(ish)? Only time will tell but needless to say, anytime McIntyre and Sheamus get in a ring, it's a must-watch affair – adding Owens, Butch, Ridge Holland, Reigns, and all four Usos, Jey, Jimmy, Solo, and Sami, is just a bonus.