With the news of New York Yankees star Aaron Judge likely being moved to play center field for a good portion of time, former baseball player Lorenzo Cain said that may not be great for the longevity of the elite bat. On the show “Foul Territory,” Cain was asked about the possibility of Judge playing the position and since the former player was a center fielder himself, he gave some insight into what he thinks.

“Not at all, they pay him all this money to be a thump. So you let thumpers thump,” Cain said to the hosts of the show. “You don't put him in center field and have him doing all this running around trying to catch fly-balls.”

Cain mentioned there is a bevy of other options the Yankees can put in center field. However, one of them isn't Juan Soto who was just involved in a blockbuster trade that sent the star to New York.

“You got Verdugo, you got Trent, throw one of those guys out there that will be playmakers,” Cain said. “You allow Judge to play right field, then Soto in left, whoever you want in left, or vice versa, and you let that work out.”

Yankees GM Cashman said Judge would play CF if season started today

New York GM Brian Cashman reassures Yankees fans with a positive update on Aaron Judge's toe injury situation, recent MLB trades

Cain would imply that it would be a business decision for Judge to not play in center as it is “taxing on your body.” However, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said Thursday on a press conference that if the season started today, Judge would be in center field and that he's “exceptional” over there according to The New York Post.

“If today was Opening Day, Judge would be out in center field,” Cashman said over Zoom on Thursday. “He’s exceptional at that. And so we had a lot of conversations with that scenario.”

Judge has had some injury issues in the past with the most recent one being when he tore a ligament in his toe. There's no doubt he's a viable asset for the Yankees organization as last season, he hit 37 home runs, 75 runs batted in while having a .267 batting average in 106 games.

In the 2022 MLB season, he was the AL MVP as he hit a major-league leading 62 home runs, 131 RBIs while having a batting average of .311.