Episode two of HBO's Hard Knocks featuring the New York Jets aired on Tuesday night, and it heavily featured a joint practice session with the Carolina Panthers. There was a unique exchange shown at the start of the session, as Panthers rookie quarterback Bryce Young was introduced to the new guy leading the Jets, Aaron Rodgers, reports ESPN's Rich Cimini.

“There were some cool moments between [Aaron] Rodgers and Panthers rookie Bryce Young, the No. 1 overall pick, like Rodgers offering some advice and telling Young, ‘I'm a big fan of yours.' Young seemed to genuinely appreciate the gesture.”

Everything out of Panthers camp indicates that the hype is real surrounding Bryce Young, and it is evident that he is a true professional based on his meeting with Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers gave him some compliments, and not featured in the episode was Rodgers shouting out Young in a press conference after the joint practice with his belief that the Panthers are going to love their new quarterback.

This year's rendition of Hard Knocks has been fairly entertaining through two episodes with a heavy dose of Rodgers. There figures to be a change next week with Dalvin Cook now in town.

The Jets signing Dalvin Cook is undoubtedly going to be the feature story of the third episode of Hard Knocks. Stay tuned into the rest of this season and the introduction of Cook to a national Jets audience, as Hard Knocks will immediately put the running back into the limelight in the Meadowlands.