A new Madden 24 Update dropped today, fixing multiple issues with Gameplay, Franchise, Ultimate Team, Superstar Mode, Presentation and more. Additionally, developer notes with the update mentioned the key areas the team plans to focus on for the future for Madden 24's Gameplay.

Overall, the biggest topics discussed surrounding the new Madden 24 Update concerned the slow UI and passing accuracy issues throughout the game. According to the update blog, players should notice a faster UI in both Superstar and Ultimate Team Modes.

This feels like a letdown, because the UI improvements should be for the entire game, not just two modes. Obviously, Ultimate Team is the most important to EA Sports, as it earns them the most money. However, the fact that Franchise and other in-game menus didn't receive the same care and attention only further proves EA only cares about MUT.

Additionally, the update mentioned the team wanting to improve QB passing accuracy, especially in Ultimate Team. Once again, we stand puzzled at the thought of only one game mode being prioritized as the passing issues remain a constant in every mode.

Our Madden 24 review noted the new and overly-complicated passing system, which includes three different ways to pass the ball. Overall, while we believe Placement & Accuracy to be the best option, we still feel like QBs are just way too inaccurate sometimes for no reason.

Madden 24 released back in August, receiving average reviews from fans and critics alike. Hopefully, the latest update fixes many of the bugs and glitches plaguing the experience for fans. While we don't know if the update fix the fundamental issues of Madden 24's gameplay, it should at least improve the experience for those still playing.

Without further ado, let's check out the Madden 24 Update 2 Notes.

Madden 24 Update 2 – What Did The New Update Improve?

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Below are the official Madden 24 Update 2 Notes:

Madden 24 GAMEPLAY:

  • Tuning to allow the defense more time to make adjustments vs. hurry up offense.
  • Fixed an issue causing edge pass rushers to shed to the inside too frequently.
  • Fixed an issue allowing users to draw defenders out of coverage on Gun Empty HB Wide RPO Stick Draw.
  • Fixed a broken route on Gun Bunch Y Flex Verticals.
  • Fixed a broken route on Gun Trips TE Pats Y In with the wheel route running to the boundary side.
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing the offense from snapping the ball after motioning a receiver on Shotgun mesh plays.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the incorrect signature celebration to trigger for Dolphins WR Jaylen Waddle.
  • Fixed an issue causing a player to sometimes freeze on the ground after scoring a TD and diving into or getting tackled in the end zone.
  • Fixed an issue allowing a celebration to be selected from the celebration wheel when too close to the goalpost following a TD.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing players to see ‘Big Head Mode’ in other modes after leaving practice mode.
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing users from picking a defensive play after an offsides penalty.
  • Fixed an issue in the ‘Trench Battle – Long Hall’ mini-game that made it too difficult to tackle the QB.
  • Updated a play in the Bucs playbook referencing the Seahawks.
  • Abilities: Tuning and fixes to make the following abilities more effective:
    • Inside Shade/Outside Shade
    • Unstoppable Force
    • Double or Nothing
    • Jam Master
    • Press Elite
    • Return Man

Madden 24 Update Makes Tons Of Changes To Franchise Mode


  • Fixed issue with Franchise news where no news was being generated after Free Agency.
  • Fixed issue where the Dynamic Momentum/Home Field Advantage setting was not working properly.
  • Fixed issue where commissioners of a league were unable to edit the appearance of other CPU players.
  • Fixed issue where non-commissioners could change the age of a player.
  • Fixed issue where non-commissioners could edit the height and weight of a player.
  • Fixed issue with several injuries that were causing inconsistent recovery times.
  • Fixed issue where contract acceptance factors were sometimes not returning the expected values when a player’s first offered contract is during the Offseason Re-Sign week.
  • Fixed issue where editing a player in the front end would cause issues with their Years Experience’ field.
  • Fixed issue that would cause season icons to appear in the draft widget during the draft.
  • Fixed issue where the weather could change when resuming a franchise game.
  • Fixed issue where teams would be wearing default uniforms when resuming a franchise game rather than the ones selected to start the game.
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes appear in free agent uniforms and display ‘No Team Data’ in their player card.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Scouts menu as a Free Agent coach.
  • Fixed issue where newly hired coaches could appear in the Coach of the Year award.
  • Added a Controls option to the mini-games pause menu in Franchise Mode.
  • Fixed issue where players on their fifth-year option would sometimes appear twice in the re-sign list.
  • Fixed issue where the Edit Player option was not available when joining a league as a player.
  • Fixed issue where the Season Experience setting was not affecting the Reorder Depth Chart option.
  • Fixed issue where users were able to restructure contracts as a player.
  • Fixed issue on the Team Select screen where the ‘Taken By’ text was difficult to read.
  • Fixed issue where an incorrect message was displayed when reaching the maximum draft pick limit.
  • Fixed several UI and Font issues.
  • Various Stability Fixes.

New Madden Update Makes Adjustments To Ultimate Team & Superstar Mode


  • Fixed an issue where after completing a challenge, selecting the next challenge no longer leads to an aerial view of the empty stadium.
  • Fixed an issue where entering settings from the new user experience no longer soft locks the game.
  • Xbox One and PS4 will no longer have text overlapping on coin rewards in Field Pass.
  • Fixed an issue that caused economic information to not show in the catalog.
  • Fixed an issue that caused stats not to track in Solo Battles if wearing an MCS uniform.
  • When completing the Ultimate Preseason the progress bar will now fill completely.
  • Various visual bugs.


  • Fixed the issue where Online H2H users were shown different Color Curated Uniforms in online games.
  • Fixed Showdown squad desync when Party Leader previews the Top Rewards at Squads Ranked or Group Filling.
  • Fixed an issue in Superstar Showdown online allowing the celebration wheel to appear for the incorrect user.
  • Fixed an issue in Superstar Showdown preventing the celebration wheel to appear as much as it should for QB’s on First Downs.
  • Fixed an issue in Superstar Showdown preventing the chosen TD celebration from triggering on a game-winning TD.
  • Fixed issue where users that are not the Party Leader in Showdown could view and scroll events when returning to lobby post game.
  • Improved the visual look of the Blitz Timer in Superstar Showdown.
  • Fixed issue with Franchise news where no news was being generated after Free Agency.
  • Fixed a rare save file issue – including position in league changing to QB during the season.
  • Removed autoplay functionality for Social Media Reactions.
  • Fixed multiple top priority visual bugs.
  • Several Stability Bugs.

New Madden Update Improves Game Authenticity & Presentation


  • Added Lions and Browns new alternate helmets.
  • Branding Updated on Jaguars stadium.
  • Branding Updated on Jets center field logo.
  • Branding Updated on Giants center field logo.
  • New Gear added:
    • Jordan Fly Lock Gloves
    • Jordan Retro Low Cleats
    • Jordan 7 Low Cleats
  • Fixed an issue causing the shoulder numbers to be mismatched from the uniform number on the Vikings Alt. Classic uniform.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Jets Alt. Classic to populate as a dark uniform option rather than light.
  • Fixed an issue with the Eagles stadium walls not having collision enabled on all geometry.
  • New/Updated Heads:
    • Jets QB Aaron Rodgers
    • Eagles DT Jalen Carter
    • Patriots CB Christian Gonzalez
    • Texans SS Jalen Pitre
    • Bengals LE Myles Murphy
    • Packers LOLB Lukas Van Ness
    • Seahawks ROLB Boye Mafe


  • Fixed static on-field players after exiting Super Sim.
  • Fixed gameplay camera sometimes being zoomed out after exiting Instant Replay.
  • Fixed shots of backwards referees appearing in specific stadiums.
  • Fixed missing NFL player portraits in player wipe.
  • Fixed QB running onto field after a safety, updated to kicking team.
  • Various fixes for jumbotron in Showdown.
  • Fixed pop in gameplay camera after QB throws ball in Target Passing mini game.
  • Updated NFL stadium exterior shots.

Madden 24 Update 2 Miscellaneous Adjustments For Audio & UI


  • Increased the volume of the collision sounds (blocking, tackles, etc.)
  • Increased the volume of the team specific SFX & crowd chants.
  • Variety of Commentary bug fixes and tuning.
  • Additional crowd logic and tuning.
  • Fixed issues with volume fluctuations with music and ambience in Superstar mode hubs.
  • Added 1,900 lines of new commentary from Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis.


  • Player Portraits – Various player portrait fixes
  • General – Various polish updates to UI.

Overall, the update does include plenty of fixes that should improve the Madden 24 gameplay experience. However, we only hope that one day EA Sports finally wakes up and realizes that their football series needs a complete overhaul. Until then, fans can at least look forward to the 2023-2024 season, which kicks off next Thursday.

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