Every NFL fan can now say they have seen a 70-point score, thanks to the Miami Dolphins, and Week 3 of the 2023 NFL season was a wild one all around. Bit of change over near the top of our Week 4 NFL Power Rankings, even with the 49ers and Chiefs all winning handily.

Tua Tagovailoa was at the center of the biggest team score in a very long time, as the entire Dolphins roster was on another level against the Broncos. Justin Herbert set a bit of NFL history against the Vikings, and Jordan Love tied Aaron Rodgers for the largest comeback win in their respective careers – what a week.

Week 3 was quite the week of football! To help recap, here are the NFL Power Rankings for Week 4.

32. Chicago Bears (-4)

Feels like Taylor Swift may not attend another football game with how bad of a product this was. Needing to at least show that they were better than every media pundit was saying, the Chicago Bears came out and showed maybe there should be a relegation system in the NFL.

Managing a measly 10 points and 203 yards of total offense, it’s quite obvious that the problems plaguing the Bears will not be going away anytime soon. Could we see the first head coach firing before Week 4 happen at Halas Hall?

31. Denver Broncos (-10)

Falling 10 spots in our NFL Power Rankings isn’t a usual occurrence, only reserved for those special cases. And the Denver Broncos just happen to be one of those special cases, as they managed to lose by 50 points to the Dolphins.

It has become quite evident that Nathaniel Hackett was not the only reason this franchise struggled as much as it has, even if he did have a huge hand in starting to assemble a roster. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson still are not on the same page, and unless there is a massive change here soon, don’t expect wins to start coming for the Broncos.

30. Carolina Panthers (no change)

The Red Rifle produced an admirable showing in place of Bryce Young, but Andy Dalton and his career-high 58 passing attempts wasn’t enough. Carolina’s Week 3 road loss to the Seahawks was not a surprising outcome, but it was good to see how the Panthers still performed with their rookie QB out.

Adam Thielen looks like a revelation this season so far, as his 11-catch, 145 yard affair was just another impressive notch in his belt in his first season in Carolina. Better things are ahead for the Panthers, who hopefully are only without Bryce Young for just one week.

29. Minnesota Vikings (-2)

A winless start to their 2023 season is not what the Minnesota Vikings had in their script this year, and yet, here we are. Having failed to beat the Buccaneers, Eagles, or Chargers, a serious look in the mirror needs to take place for a team that has a lot invested in this season but question marks about their future.

Another stellar outing from Kirk Cousins (367 yards, three TDs) was overshadowed by Minnesota’s loss, as the defense allowed 475 yards of offense, 405 of those through the air via Justin Herbert.

28. Arizona Cardinals (+4)

Congratulations go out to head coach Jonathan Gannon, who finally got off the goose egg and earned his first win. While the 2023 NFL season looks to be a throwaway year out in the desert, the Arizona Cardinals showed a lot of fight in their shocking upset win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Joshua Dobbs has looked pretty average as the team’s quarterback, but his ability to manage the offense has been better than expected so far. A fourth-quarter interception in the red zone by Kyzir White ended any shot of the Cowboys making a comeback, and now the Cardinals can at least say they won’t go winless this season.

27. Indianapolis Colts (+2)

Gardner Minshew more than held down the fort with Anthony Richardson out, and the Indianapolis Colts earned their second win of the season on the road over the Ravens. Zach Moss yet again led the way on offense (122 rushing yards), and the duo of Michael Pittman and Josh Downs combined for 17 receptions and over 130 receiving yards.

Hopefully Richardson will return for Week 4 in a matchup with the Rams – could the Colts be a sneaky option to win the AFC South? The whole division is struggling so far this season.

26. Houston Texans (+4)

While he was not the first QB off the board in April, C.J. Stroud has looked like the most pro-ready option to come out of the NFL Draft. Leading a 20-point romp over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Stroud produced another strong stat line, which included another 280 yards, two TDs, and no turnovers.

This team has looked mighty impressive for its preseason aspirations, even if they are far from being a threat. Stroud’s ability to pick up this offense at a fast pace has been awesome for DeMeco Ryans, and look for this squad to play spoiler as the year goes on.

25. New England Patriots (-1)

It certainly wasn’t a pretty win, but it was a win nonetheless over the New York Jets, giving the New England Patriots their first victory of the season. It was the rushing attack that led the way, as Ezekiel Elliott and Rhamondre Stevenson combined for over 130 yards on 35 carries.

The offense is far from flashy, but as long as the defense continues to get it done, this team has a chance to potentially make some noise.

24. Los Angeles Rams (+1)

Gross is an efficient word that can be used to describe the offense for the Los Angeles Rams on MNF, as key injuries to their offensive line really kept Matthew Stafford from getting into a groove. Puka Nacua had his first ‘bad' game of his breakout rookie season (five receptions for 72 yards), and the defense, while they had their way against the makeshift OL for the Bengals, eventually wasn't able to hold up against the Cincinnati passing attack.

23. Tennessee Titans (-5)

It was a pretty dreadful showing for the Tennessee Titans, as their Week 4 loss to the Browns was an abysmal one on offense. Three points and 94 total yards of offense is all Tennessee has to write home about, which includes a measly 20 rushing yards for Derrick Henry.

A far cry from how the offense looked in their win over the Chargers, Tennessee has a lot to fix.

22. Las Vegas Raiders (+2)

It was the Davante Adams show on Sunday in Las Vegas, but his 13 receptions for 172 yards and two TD's (on 20 targets) wasn't enough for the Raiders. Jimmy Garoppolo made questionable decision after questionable decision, seemingly finding the Steelers defense more than his own guys. A late-game decision made by Josh McDaniels to kick a field goal down eight with around two minutes to go ultimately led to the downfall for the Raiders.

21. New York Giants (-5)

Not many positive takeaways can be gleaned from New York’s Thursday night loss to the 49ers, especially with how much help Daniel Jones did not have. With Saquon Barkley out and the offensive line depth in shambles, the Niners had their way on defense most of the night.

When this team can finally get healthy they should be a potential postseason threat, but until then, there is not a ton of hope – their spot in the NFL Power Rankings is mostly safe, but another non-competitive loss could see the Giants fall even further down this list.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (+1)

It wasn't pretty, but the Pittsburgh Steelers pulled out their second win of the 2023 NFL season over the Raiders on Sunday Night Football. It was a rough go to start, as Kenny Pickett and the offense looked stagnant as ever. But a 70-plus yard TD to Calvin Austin helped open things up, and the defense kept Jimmy Garoppolo in a body bag. T.J. Watt once again showed that he is on a mission this year, and the defense intercepted Garoppolo three times in the win.

19. Washington Commanders (-1)

The honeymoon period for Sam Howell and the Washington Commanders has finally worn off, and it was at the hands of the Buffalo Bills and a 37-3 drubbing. Four interceptions and five total turnovers doomed this team, and the defense was unable to stop much of anything on Sunday.

18. New York Jets (-6)

The sky continues to fall for the New York Jets, as their Week 4 loss to the Patriots quite clearly showed. A 10-point showing on offense was not enough to get it done, and neither was Zach Wilson’s performance (18/36, 154 yards). While it was a turnover-free outing from both sides, the Jets looked like the inferior team on Sunday.

17. New Orleans Saints (-1)

Before the New Orleans Saints lost Derek Carr to a shoulder injury, the offense fought their way to 17 points. After the Saints lost Carr to a shoulder injury, they scored 0 points and lost, with Jameis Winston at QB in his stead.

It was the tale of two QBs on Sunday, as the first half was strong and the second half was downright dreadful for the Saints, who gave up 18 fourth-quarter points to Jordan Love and missed a game-winning field goal.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7)

It was a struggle on offense for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night, as they were in a slug-fest with the Eagles. While a second-half surge made the game a bit closer, Baker Mayfield showcased quite a few struggles and the defense was a sieve against Philly's rushing attack. While still looked at as one of the two best teams in the NFC South, Tampa's Week 4 match-up with the Saints will be very telling to see how they bounce back from a home loss.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2)

A 20-point loss at the hands of the Texans is pretty gross for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and it’s beginning to look like their postseason run last season was more of a mirage than an expected result. Trevor Lawrence was fine, as was Travis Etienne, but Calvin Ridley disappeared from the passing game Sunday, which should be a concern moving forward.

14. Atlanta Falcons (no change)

Not much went right for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, as their first loss of the NFL season came at the hands of the Lions. Not falling a spot in the Power Rankings speaks more towards how impressive Atlanta’s first two wins of the season were, rather than how disappointing their Week 3 loss was.

13. Green Bay Packers (+7)

Jordan Love looked like a rookie QB across the first three quarters, but then Jordan Love found a second gear when the clock turned over to the fourth quarter. Having tied Aaron Rodgers for the largest comeback win in franchise history (17-point deficit), Love showed real moxy in helping rally the troops and keep the offense focused in a game that both Aaron Jones and Christian Watson missed.

This team seems to have exceeded early-season expectations so far, and their climb up the NFL Power Rankings has been impressive to see.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (-2)

Joe Burrow looked far from 100 percent, but the Cincinnati Bengals used a second-half surge on offense to take down the Rams in the second MNF game. While Tee Higgins had hands of concrete, Ja'Marr Chase finally looked closer to full form, and his connection with Burrow was as strong as it had been so far this season.

11. Cleveland Browns (+4)

A dominant win over the Titans showed the ceiling for what the Cleveland Browns could be, even without Nick Chubb. Jerome Ford found the end zone twice and Amari Cooper went for over 100 yards, compounding a strong offensive showing for a team that kept every piece of the Tennessee offense in check.

10. Los Angeles Chargers (+1)

It took a goal-line stand (that turned into an interception), but the Los Angeles Chargers finally have their first win of the 2023 NFL season. Earning a top-10 spot in our NFL Power Rankings may seem a bit high, but the talent on this roster speaks enough for this high of a ranking.

A potential serious injury to Mike Williams overshadows a strong performance from Justin Herbert, who set an NFL record for completion percentage.

9. Baltimore Ravens (-2)

Facing a below-average team with a backup QB in at home usually leads to an advantage for the favored squad, but apparently the Baltimore Ravens didn’t get the memo. Having dropped an overtime game to the Colts, a missed pass interference call looks to be the difference between the Ravens converting a fourth-down and turning the ball over near mid-field for the Colts.

Oh, and this loss certainly was not the fault of Lamar Jackson.

8. Dallas Cowboys (-3)

Quite the bad loss for the Dallas Cowboys on the road to the Cardinals, but a team under the guise of Mike McCarthy usually always finds a way to do so. Dak Prescott threw a costly interception in the end zone that ended a potential scoring threat, and the offense as a whole was never able to really get going all day.

Only falling back three spots in the NFL Power Rankings should be seen as more of a reflection of the teams directly behind the Cowboys on this list – plus, this is still one of the more talented rosters in the NFC, they just had a blip in the radar (we think).

7. Detroit Lions (+2)

A strong Week 3 for the Detroit Lions over the Falcons helps cement them into a tie for the NFC North divisional lead. Rookie tight end Sam LaPorta caught his first-career touchdown on a bomb from Jared Goff, and the offense looked to still be hitting most of its targets in its first contest since losing David Montgomery to injury.

6. Seattle Seahawks (+2)

A dog-fight of a first half turned into an easier second half for the Seattle Seahawks, as they comfortably held on against the Panthers in a high-scoring affair. Sunday marked the second consecutive game for Kenneth Walker finding the end zone twice, showcasing that even after drafting Zach Charbonnet, Walker owns the backfield. Things are looking pretty safe for the Seahawks, as they make their way closer to the top-5 of the NFL Power Rankings.

5. Buffalo Bills (-1)

It was a pretty easy Week 3 win for the Buffalo Bills, as their defense did the heavy lifting over the Commanders. Forcing five turnovers certainly makes things easy for your team, and Buffalo only needed a modest performance from Josh Allen (264 total yards, two total TDs) to win by 34 points (somehow not the biggest blowout of the day). The top-5 teams in our NFL Power Rankings are stacked, so knocking Buffalo down a spot really doesn't mean much.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (-1)

As was the case with the Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t need to do a ton to win easily over the Chicago Bears. A 31-point victory was highlighted by a three-TD game from Patrick Mahomes, two of which went to Jerick McKinnon and the third to Travis Kelce, who probably dedicated the score to Taylor Swift.

3. Miami Dolphins (+3)

The new entrant into the top-3 is the Miami Dolphins, who managed to drop a 70-bomb on the hapless Broncos on Sunday. Having done everything and anything they wanted to on offense, Miami was finally able to showcase why they thought so highly of running back De'Von Achane.

Four TDs each from Achane and Raheem Mostert, plus another 150 yards and a TD from Tyreek Hill, highlighted the scoring outburst from the Dolphins. Even backup QB Mike White got in on the action, as he found Robbie Chosen (formerly Robby Anderson), for a deep bomb with the game already out of hand.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (-1)

As predicted, the scoring was at a premium for the Eagles and Buccaneers on MNF, but it was the Eagles who prevailed in the end. Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown finally looked to be on the same page, D'Andre Swift laid another claim to remaining the lead back, and the defense kept Baker Mayfield and the rushing game slowed down enough for the Philly offense to figure things out.

1. San Francisco 49ers (+1)

We have a new top team in our NFL Power Rankings – the San Francisco 49ers. Fresh off their TNF win over the Giants, Brock Purdy and the Niners are riding high. Purdy was not asked to do a ton against New York, but he did find Deebo Samuel (6/129/1 on 12 targets) quite often.

As is tradition, Christian McCaffrey did most of the heavy lifting, rushing for 85 yards and a TD while catching five balls for 34 yards. A home matchup with the Cardinals is next on the docket for San Francisco.