The battle for supremacy between Xbox and Sony rages on. Sony spent big money to block Microsoft from getting some big titles on Xbox. However, Sony was powerless as Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard. Microsoft says that PlayStation actually has better exclusives, but that's mostly just legal posturing.

Meanwhile, Microsoft commits to not putting any Activision Blizzard title on the Game Pass until 2024. Microsoft actually has a lot of great exclusives, and this list explores which of them are the most notable. But this advantage may prove to be temporary as Microsoft has now started selectively releasing exclusives to PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch as well.

With Starfield finally out, the search for the next big Xbox game is on. Here is our list of the Top 10 new and upcoming Xbox Series X exclusive games not coming to PS5 and Switch.

Top 10 new and upcoming Xbox Series X games not coming to PS5 and Switch (As of February 29, 2024)

10. Ark 2

Release Date: Late 2024 on Early Access
Developed By: Studio Wildcard
Published By: Studio Wildcard

Vin Diesel is starring in the sequel of one of the biggest-budget MMORPGs of all time: ARK 2, which will be coming out exclusively on the Xbox Series X and PC. The game puts players in a primal world filled with dinosaurs, with humans having to fight for their place in the world. The next-gen survival game will bring players a new level of immersion as it will utilize the full power of the Xbox Series X – and if you've been following the hype train when the Xbox Series X was just going to be released, you know that this is a powerful beast that can bring out fantastic visuals from games. If you like dinosaurs and technology existing in the same place, then this game is for you.

Some of the hype around this game has slowly mellowed down over the past months, primarily due to the delays for ARK 2, as well as due to the bad reception the game received when the remake Ark: Survival Evolved was launched in October.

9. Fable

Release Date: TBA
Developed By: Playground Games, Eidos Montreal
Published By: Xbox Game Studios

The developers of the Forza games will be using the same engine for their racing open-world to bring this RPG series into the open-world sphere as well. Fable has a very strong following, even in spite of the many disappointments it has given its fans over time. Still, Fable remains to be one of the most promising and most hyped games coming to the Xbox Series X.

We've recently received more details about Fable in recent weeks, particularly during the Xbox Bethesda Showcase a couple of weeks back. From this show, we saw a new trailer that expanded upon what we've seen before, but still no particular details for the game itself. We still didn't get a release date, but at least fans are reassured that Playground Games is actually working on the game. Still, there's no gameplay information or anything else to go on about, other than this new cinematic.

Sigh, when will Fable actually come out?

8. State of Decay 3

Release Date: TBA
Developed By: Undead Labs
Published By: Xbox Game Studios

Announced a full year ago, Undead Labs' third game in their popular franchise will continue being an Xbox exclusive game. State of Decay 3 will try to fix the ills of the second game, especially since the first one was so much more successful in the eyes of critics. Coming out on the Xbox Series X, the third game will aim to get the series back to form. In addition, it appears that Undead Labs is even working with The Coalition for this game, so there really is a lot of talent working behind this product.

Sadly, we don't have a lot to go for with State of Decay 3. The game continues to be in production, and won't be coming out anytime soon. Some wild rumors say that the game won't even come out until 2027 – a wild speculation that has some very damning ramifications if true.

7. Everwild

Release Date: TBA 2024
Developed By: Rare
Published By: Xbox Game Studios

Everwilds is a brand-new IP from Rare where players will get to experience a unique and unforgettable experience in a natural and magical world. Rare is famous for Banjo-Kazooie and the original Donkey Kong Country games. This new game hasn't made a lot of appearances lately, but we haven't forgotten about the game since it was first announced back in 2019. The game looks terrific, and we hope that the game does have this kind of graphical fidelity when the game finally comes out, whenever that may be.

6. The Outer Worlds 2

Release Date: TBA
Developed By: Obsidian Entertainment
Published By: Xbox Game Studios

It's been a long while since the official announcement trailer for The Outer Worlds 2 came out. That trailer didn't reveal much apart from the fact that it's under development. Since then, there haven't been much news about the Fallout-like's sequel, but it doesn't tamper our anticipation for this game at all. The first one wasn't really a head-turner, but for Fallout fans, it was a breath of fresh air that broke their shackles to Bethesda's less-satisfying recent offerings. So, it's understandable that, with or without new details, people feel hyped up for The Outer Worlds 2.

With how disappointed many players have been by Starfield, we wish this game would scratch players' the space exploration itch.

5. Avowed

Release Date: Fall 2024
Developed By: Obsidian Entertainment
Published By: Xbox Game Studios

While The Outer Worlds is a space exploration game that might be interpreted as Obsidian's take on Fallout, Avowed goes the other direction: A fantasy setting, filled with mystical energies. You are an envoy of Aedyr sent to investigate rumors of a spreading plague, and you somehow get entangled in a situation that could even cost you your soul. In what was originally rumored to be Obsidian's answer to Skyrim, Avowed will be the next biggest Obsidian title this way of the Xbox Series X.

4. Elder Scrolls VI

Release Date: TBA
Developed By: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

After Starfield, Bethesda will be moving forward with their next two games: Fallout 5 and Elder Scrolls VI, but it's Elder Scrolls VI that we're more interested about. Skyrim still lives in our heads rent-free, and the game still has years to go before release, but it's already filling us with anticipation. While a PlayStation release is entirely possible, all signs indicate that Elder Scrolls VI might be an Xbox exclusive when it finally comes out, and when it does come out, we're going to see what could be Todd Howard's final game. A game that will mark the end of an era.

Considering how it's been more than a decade since the release of Skyrim, Bethesda really should double time to get this out.

3. Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Release Date: May 21, 2024
Developed By: Ninja Theory
Published By: Xbox Game Studios

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice will be an Xbox Series X exclusive. That means Sony and Nintendo loyalists who thoroughly enjoyed the game will be forced to get a Microsoft console just to play Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. That, or settle with playing it on a PC. Tough luck if they don't have a strong enough gaming rig to play this game. Either way, some people might have to fork out some cash to play this game. Hellblade II ups the ante as well by using Epic's new Unreal Engine 5. If you still need convincing, then you just need to watch its TGA 2021 trailer above.

Regardless, Senua's Saga: Hellblade II will surely hype up a lot of its fans. It's an important video game in the industry – one that successfully covers sensitive topics with great care and nuance. Those who enjoyed the first one will surely, surely, give the Xbox Series X a chance.

As of recent events, Senua's Saga was one of the games featured during the most recent Xbox Showcase. But still, even with a new trailer, we still didn't get a release date. Another new trailer packaged with a musical presentation at TGA 2023 also didn't yield any news on when we could expect the game to come out.

2. STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Release Date: September 5, 2024
Developed By: GSC Game World
Published By: GSC Game World

Finally, we talk about a sequel that is over a decade in the making. Fans of the original STALKER game rejoiced when STALKER 2 showed up during the Microsoft conference at E3 2021. What made it even better was the fact that we got to see some gameplay footage already in the game. The long wait might not yet be over – but what's another several months if we've already waited for a decade, right?

Renamed STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl in March 2022, this game will be the first time the STALKER series will be on consoles. Microsoft fans are lucky to have the game coming to the Xbox Series X. Xbox fans will finally get a taste of the brilliant FPS shooter called STALKER, and lucky for them to experience the game with next-gen graphics and features. Their flip-flop with NFT features won't tarnish the excitement we have for this game.

Originally set for an April release, STALKER 2 has been pushed back to December when the War in Ukraine broke out until it was delayed again, this time to the first half of 2023. Then again, to December 2023. At this point, it feels that there will be no end to delays as long as the War in Ukraine rages on.

Still, the developers of STALKER 2 don't want their fans to think that they are just sitting on their bums doing nothing. As a show of progress, GSC recently released high-definition images of their work in progress – images that look too good to be true for some. We're just hoping that the game will really look like this upon release.

Launching on Xbox Game Pass, STALKER 2 was featured in the PC Gaming Show as the Most Wanted PC Game on November 30, 2023. GSC Game World CEO and STALKER 2 Game Director Evgeniy Grygorovych presented a brand-new story trailer during the show, and thanked the fans for waiting patiently for the game to come.

1. Fallout 5

Release Date: TBA
Developed By: Bethesda
Published By: Bethesda, Xbox Game Studios

With Starfield now out, there are only two games that Bethesda fans are looking forward to: the next Elder Scrolls game, and the next Fallout game. With the disappointing Fallout 76 and the middling reception of die-hard fans for Fallout 4, the anticipation for Fallout 5 is way higher compared to The Elder Scrolls 6. The bad news is that Bethesda is prioritizing The Elder Scrolls 6 first, as well as a rumored Morrowind remake, so the release date for Fallout 5 is still a long way off. Still, Fallout is a true open-world RPG classic and fans anticipate this upcoming game, and fans are willing to wait, even if it will take years of wating.

And that's our top 10 new and upcoming Xbox Series X exclusive games that we're looking forward to – games that aren't coming to consoles. Which ones are your most anticipated? Looking for the same lists for new and upcoming PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch exclusive games? Then check them out below:

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