Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes was on The Pat McAfee show Tuesday where he talked about this past Sunday's Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers and his relationship between himself and kicker Harrison Butker. It might be better to say a lack of relationship as the Super Bowl MVP said that he does not talk to Butker “all year long.”

“Honestly, I don’t talk to Harrison all year long, man. I just let him do his thing,” Mahomes said. “But I know if I can just cross that 40, man, if I cross that 40, he's going to put it through there. I know if you saw in the game I got a little pressure, threw it short and knew Harrison was going to knock it through.

The funny quote from Mahomes prompted McAfee to respond with “Don’t talk to him? Don’t be a d—. Go say hello, jeez.” Mahomes would even dig the hole deeper and say that they would be right next to each other in teem meetings and not say anything to each other.

“We sit right beside each other in team meetings, and I don’t say one word to him. Only before the season and after the season,” Mahomes said.

A great season for Butker with the Chiefs

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker after beating the Bengals.

Besides the hilarious insight, what makes it even more ironic is that the two were arguably the most impactful individual players on the field. Mahomes obviously was incredible as he led the Chiefs to victory on the game-winning drive to go along with 333 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

Butker on the other hand was exceptional as he had two field goal from more than 50 yards in the Super Bowl with the 57-yarder being the longest in the championship game's history. It adds on to a great season for the kicker as he made 44 of his 46 attempts, making all 15 from more than 40 yards, and making all seven from more than 50 yards.

Mahomes says ‘I don't think there was a moment of doubt'

The Chiefs had another comeback in the Super Bowl as they were down 10-0 early in the game and were eventually down three after the 49ers kicked a field goal in overtime. For Mahomes, he said on the Pat McAfee show that there was no “moment of doubt,” but acknowledged the “trying times” during the regular season when they were considered underdogs.

“I don’t think there was a moment of doubt. I definitely think there was some trying times, times where we were really trying to battle through adversity, but we knew we could still win the AFC West, and we always thought, if we got in the tournament, we’d have a chance to go out there and win it all,” Mahomes said. “That last Cincinnati game that we played and we kinda got the offense moving at least a little bit. Honestly for me, the energy that we had that game that the starters didn’t play, that kind of showed me lets just have fun. Let's enjoy it. If we're going to go down, let's go down playing the way the Kansas City Chiefs play.”

Speeches from Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Chris Jones

It has been widely reported about the speech that Chiefs star Travis Kelce gave to his team, but there was also some given by other stars Chris Jones and Mahomes himself. He mentioned that Kelce's was “pure emotion” and didn't know how to top his and Jones' dialogue.

“It was me, Chris Jones, and Trav (Travis Kelce). Chris started it off. Chris’s speech was amazing, man. He’s always the funny guy that enjoys life, but he was real serious, and he kept it light, but he really got the team going,” Mahomes said. “Then Trav went, I mean, pure emotion. You can’t fake the amount of emotion that man has, like you said, to have people tearing up, then I have to go last, and I’m like, man, how do I even follow that.”

It was an amazing path to the Super Bowl as Kansas City beat the Miami Dolphins at home in the Wild Card round, went on to defeat the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens on the road, then beat the No. 1 seed in the NFC to win Mahomes' third Super Bowl. There is no doubt that with players like him, Kelce, Jones, and head coach Andy Reid at the helm, they could very well be back next season.