Anthony Davis had started to sense his time with the New Orleans Pelicans was fizzling. Like other superstars in today's NBA, he took control of the situation himself by asking to be traded. For Davis, he specifically wanted to join the Los Angeles Lakers to team up with LeBron James. Davis got his wish, and the rest is history.

Here's a timeline of Anthony Davis requesting the trade from the Pelicans to the Lakers.

Anthony Davis Trade Timeline

Anthony Davis trade timeline, Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans

September 12, 2018Paul Pierce expects Pelicans to broker Anthony Davis trade to the Lakers if New Orleans underwhelms early.

November 23, 2018ESPN NBA insider predicts Anthony Davis trade.

December 20, 2018Jrue Holiday blocking out all Davis trade noise. 

January 28, 2019Alvin Gentry not concerned with Anthony Davis trade speculation.

January 28, 2019Pelicans release statement on Davis trade request.

January 29, 2019: 5 teams competing with the Lakers in the Davis trade sweepstakes.

January 30, 2019Lonzo Ball prefers Knicks or Bulls in Anthony Davis trade scenarios.

January 30, 2019: Davis trade speculation taking its toll on young players in LA.

January 30, 2019Boston told Pelicans to wait until the summer for Anthony Davis trade.

January 30, 2019Colin Cowherd has a warning to Los Angeles on Anthony Davis trade. Cowherd cautions the Lakers to not trade its young players.

January 31, 2019Kobe Bryant's thoughts on Davis trade request. “Players should definitely have the opportunity to speak up and control their own fate. It’s just the way it should be, it’s fair.” – Kobe

February 4, 2019Lakers willing to take on Solomon Hill in Davis trade offer.

February 4, 2019Solomon Hill replaced in starting lineup amid trade speculation.

February 4, 2019Some within Pelicans want to wait past the trade deadline to trade Davis.

February 5, 2019Kyrie Irving upset hearing his name involved in Anthony Davis rumors. “He gets frustrated when he feels people are trying to manipulate him.” – ex-teammate.

February 5, 2019Boston refusing to dangle Jayson Tatum in Davis trade talks.

February 5, 2019: Lakers pull out of Anthony Davis trade talks after outrageous request from the Pelicans.

February 8, 2019Magic Johnson flying to Philly to talk to LA about Anthony Davis trade situation.

February 8, 2019Sixers and Pelicans had discussions involving Ben Simmons in an Anthony Davis trade.

February 9, 2019Pelicans believe Jayson Tatum will be on the table in trade talks.

February 10, 2019Knicks have plenty of assets Pelicans would consider in Anthony Davis trade talks.

February 10, 2019Magic Johnson says Pelicans didn't approach trade talks in good faith. “We knew that basically at the end of the day what happened happened.” – Magic Johnson.

February 15, 2019Pelicans didn't appreciate that Davis trade request was publicized.

February 25, 2019Jalen Rose says Davis trade rumors tore locker room apart. “We talked about this since Christmas…it tore the Lakers’ locker room apart.” – Jalen Rose.

March 2, 2019Jeanie Buss responds to Anthony Davis trade rumors.

March 12, 2019Jayson Tatum insists he wasn't bothered by trade talks. “I’ll play for whoever wants me, and that organization.” – Jayson Tatum

March 14, 2019LeBron's agent Rich Paul called Jeanie Buss to clear air over trade talks.

April 5, 2019: ESPN's Brian Windhorst says Jeanie Buss calling trade rumors ‘fake news' caused chemistry problems on Lakers.

April 13, 2019Rob Pelinka was cut out of Davis trade talks between Lakers and Pelicans. Pelicans preferred to deal with Magic Johnson instead.

April 16, 2019Lonzo Ball believes trade rumors led to L.A's downfall.

May 16, 2019Pelicans will reach out to Boston if Anthony Davis trade request still stands firm.

May 20, 2019Magic Johnson blames from Pelicans GM Dell Demps for leaking Anthony Davis trade talks. “I told Dell Demps let's do this trade in private; what we offer, let's keep it between us. Well, Dell did not do that. That's how it got out.” – Magic Johnson.

May 21, 2019Lakers disconnect between Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson stems from Anthony Davis trade negotiations.

June 6 2019Jayson Tatum is player Nola covets most in any Davis trade.

June 8 2019Rajon Rondo explains the impact the Davis trade talks had on the Lakers. “Every guy on our team, LeBron was their favorite player growing up. It’s like you’re playing with MJ, and then you get there, and it’s like your mom and dad, or the person that you looked up to and idolized, doesn’t want you.” – Rajon Rondo.

June 11 2019David Griffin says there's no shot clock on the Davis trade request.

June 12 2019Lakers have progressed on completing multi-team Anthony Davis trade.

June 12 2019Lakers and Celtics engaged in talks for Anthony Davis with Pelicans.

June 12 2019: LA is making Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and No. 4 pick available in Anthony Davis trade talks.

June 12 2019Lakers don't want to include Kyle Kuzma in trade talks.

June 12 2019Nets and Clippers haven't gained traction on Davis trade.

June 13 2019Kyle Kuzma will not be dealbreaker in Anthony Davis trade. “I don't think Kuzma is a dealbreaker. It's more the total weight of the number of assets.” – Ramona Shelburne.

June 13 2019LA feels they are in drivers seat in Anthony Davis trade talks. 

June 15 2019Pelicans getting calls about No. 4 pick acquired from the Lakers.

June 15 2019Boston refused to include Jayson Tatum in Anthony Davis trade offer.

June 15 2019Magic Johnson's reaction to Anthony Davis trade.

June 15 2019NBA players react to Anthony Davis trade.

June 15 2019LeBron James reacts to Anthony Davis trade. “AD on da way!! Let’s get it bro! Just the beginning.” – LeBron James.

June 16 2019The picks the Lakers are sending the Pelicans in the Anthony Davis trade.

June 16 2019Timing of Anthony Davis trade not ideal for Lakers cap situation.

June 16 2019Kyle Kuzma's tribute to Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart after Anthony Davis trade.

June 16 2019Pelicans are willing to delay Anthony Davis trade to the Lakers.

June 16 2019David Griffin made all the difference in the Pelicans – Lakers trade.

June 16 2019Celtics were willing to discuss Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and/or Marcus Smart in Anthony Davis trade talks.

June 17 2019Rockets tried to nudge their way into Davis sweepstakes, ultimately coming up short.

June 17 2019Scottie Pippen says Lakers have great opportunity to win the title now.

June 17 2019Kendrick Perkins predicts the Lakers will win the 2020 title.

June 18 2019Battle for LA podcast discusses Davis trade and the impact it has on Lakers and Clippers.

June 19 2019Magic Johnson's influence on getting Davis to L.A.

June 20 2019Date of Davis trade likely will keep Lakers from adding a third star.

July 6 2019Kawhi Leonard had the Lakers delay the Anthony Davis trade only to not sign with them anyways.

July 12, 2019: Rob Pelinka says delaying the trade was never an option.

July 16, 2019David Griffin has high praise for how Rob Pelinka handled trade talks. “The conversations were fair and direct and very honest.” – David Griffin.

August 2, 2019Kyle Kuzma is locked in to prove Lakers made right choice by not including him in the trade.

August 22, 2019Josh Hart found out he was part of the Anthony Davis trade on Twitter.

September 10, 2019Kobe Bryant explains why Kyle Kuzma wasn't part of the trade package going to the Pelicans.

September 27, 2019LeBron was ecstatic when the trade news broke. “I do not remember exactly what i was doing, but I can tell you that I was ecstatic. Very excited.” – LeBron.

October 8, 2019Rob Pelinka had his doubts a trade would actually get done even on the day it was agreed upon.

November 27, 2019: Davis trade becoming a rare win-win for both the Pelicans and the Lakers.

April 14, 2020The Knicks were unwilling to do Anthony Davis trade if Mitchell Robinson was involved.

September 29, 2020Jeanie Buss reflects on the Davis trade and more. “…when you have somebody like LeBron James, and where he is in his career, you’ve got to go all in.” – Jeanie Buss.