Though the circumstances were irregular inside the NBA's bubble complex, the Los Angeles Lakers managed to claim their 17th championship with a 4-2 Finals victory over the Miami Heat. As a result, the Lakers (both Minneapolis and L.A.) are now tied with the Boston Celtics for the most titles in league history.

Here's a look at how things transpired from the Lakers becoming the 2020 NBA Bubble World Champions to their championship party in Las Vegas (in PST when they hit social media):

Night of the Lakers' 2020 Championship

Oct 11 @ 6:46 PM: LeBron James becomes NBA's all-time leader in playoff games – LeBron passed former Lakers star Derek Fisher for most in history.
Oct 11 @ 7:15 PM: LeBron James’ NSFW message after winning 2020 NBA title – “I want my d— respect, too.”
Oct 11 @ 7:27 PM: Danny Green’s NSFW celebration on being done with the bubble – “We’re free. We’re f—-ing free.”
Oct 11 @ 7:27 PM: Emotional Dwight Howard's IG Live rant – “Everybody out there, don't ever give up on your dreams! You can f**kin do it, I swear! Just keep fighting. I swear, don't ever give up on yourself. Look at this sh*t bruh!”
Oct 11 @ 7:58 PM: LeBron James gets best ‘in the universe’ statement from Lakers coach Frank Vogel –  “He’s the greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen.”
Oct 11 @ 8:46 PM: Anthony Davis dedicates 2020 title to Kobe Bryant – “He was a big brother to all of us and we did this for him.”
Oct 11 @ 8:55 PM: LeBron James hilariously demands goggles as he anticipates champagne bath – LeBron just wanted to protect his eyes.
Oct 11 @ 9:06 PM: LeBron James FaceTimes mom after winning NBA championship – “Hey momma, I had to leave the locker. They going crazy in there.”
Oct 11 @ 9:14 PM: Lakers big man JaVale McGee takes playful jab at Giannis Antetokounmpo after winning title – “Y'all talk about the Greek Freak, he's the first one winning!”
Oct 11 @ 9:18 PM: ‘Half-drunk' Kyle Kuzma has honest response to postgame interview – “I'm half drunk right now from all the champagne, so I don't know how to act.”
Oct 11 @ 9:27 PM: LeBron James admits what makes 4th title so important – “I think personally, having something to prove fuels me.”
Oct 11 @ 9:38 PM: Surreal ‘Kobe' chants are out in L.A. after Lakers' NBA Finals victory – Fans paid tribute to Kobe.
Oct 11 @ 10:08 PM: LeBron James joins Michael Jordan after winning his 4th Finals MVP award – LeBron made history with the Lakers' title win.
Oct 11 @ 10:15 PM: Vanessa Bryant posts heartfelt message for Lakers GM Rob Pelinka after NBA Finals – “Kobe was right, RP! Stay the course blockout the noise.”
Oct 11 @ 10:28 PM: Quinn Cook hilariously chats JR Smith in IG Live to get team bus to come back and pick him up – The Lakers forgot Cook at the arena.
Oct 11 @ 10:47 PM: ‘Old' LeBron James sends warning to teams after Lakers' NBA Finals win – “I've got a lot of years left.”
Oct 11 @ 10:52 PM: Magic Johnson storms Twitter after Lakers' NBA Finals victory – “LeBron James made good on his guarantee…..”
Oct 11 @ 11:09 PM: Lakers' LeBron James says 35-year old him would ‘dominate' 27-year old Bron – “He would dominate him.”
Oct 11 @ 11:10 PM: Anthony Davis speaks out on his free agency after NBA Finals win with Lakers – “I'm not 100% sure.”

Leaving The Bubble, Arriving In Los Angeles

Oct 12 @ 5:22 AM: Danny Green fires back at critics after winning 2020 NBA championship with Lakers – “Wat they gon say now?”
Oct 12 @ 5:52 AM: Magic Johnson reacts to Rob Pelinka calling him right after Lakers won championship – “It means the world to me…..”
Oct 12 @ 6:17 AM: Lakers fans flock to streets around Staples Center to celebrate NBA title despite COVID-19 – Staples Center was a party.
Oct 12 @ 7:11 AM: Man in actual bubble celebrates Lakers' bubble championship run – The bubble didn't burst for the Lakers.
Oct 12 @ 7:27 AM: Celtics icon Bill Russell congratulates LeBron James, Lakers while wearing Kobe Bryant cap – The legend speaks.
Oct 12 @ 7:35 AM: Rajon Rondo reacts to winning a ring with Lakers after losing to them as a Celtic – “I've been up 3-2 before in a series and lost…..”
Oct 12 @ 7:50 AM: Alex Caruso reacts to Lakers winning championship despite several detractors – “I don't think a lot of people thought we could do it.”
Oct 12 @ 7:55 AM: Dion Waiters takes jab at Heat for trying to ‘bury' him earlier in season – “Look at me now.”
Oct 12 @ 8:32 AM: LeBron James, Anthony Davis celebrate Lakers title win late into night in Disney bubble – They earned it.
Oct 12 @ 9:00 AM: Lakers star LeBron James reflects on wild ride in bubble after winning NBA championship – “At times I was questioning myself.”
Oct 12 @ 9:16 AM: Lakers' LeBron James channels Maximus from ‘Gladiator' in post-title IG message – “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED.”
Oct 12 @ 11:18 AM: LeBron James' secret message to Anthony Davis as Lakers won NBA title – “We've got more work to do.”
Oct 12 @ 11:47 AM: Lakers fans destroy Cavs championship merchandise record in 12 hours – It was quite a feat.
Oct 12 @ 12:59 PM: Avery Bradley reacts to watching Lakers win title from afar – “I think it is something that is hard, obviously, not being there.”
Oct 12 @ 1:06 PM: President Barack Obama reacts to LeBron James winning 4th NBA championship – “Proud of my friend….”
Oct 12 @ 3:01 PM: Donald Trump reacts to LeBron James, Lakers winning NBA championship – “Zero interest!”
Oct 12 @ 3:04 PM: LeBron James speaks out on his ‘love' for Michael Jordan, constant comparison – “Ya'll can figure that out.”
Oct 12 @ 3:23 PM: Anthony Davis' two-word response when asked who the GOAT is between LeBron James, Michael Jordan – “He's different.”
Oct 12 @ 3:54 PM: LeBron James was ‘very close' to leaving Walt Disney bubble – “What changed everything was when he and Paul got on the phone with former President Barack Obama.”
Oct 12 @ 4:16 PM: LeBron James' first tweet since winning title with Lakers – “444.”
Oct 12 @ 6:13 PM: Kyle Kuzma's hilarious reaction to being back in Los Angeles – He was thrilled.
Oct 12 @ 6:24 PM: Jeanie Buss' heartfelt message to Lakers after winning NBA title – “You have written your own inspiring chapter in the great Laker history.”
Oct 12 @ 6:34 PM: Lakers reveal plan for championship celebration amid coronavirus pandemic – “We cannot wait to celebrate our NBA title with our fans….”
Oct 12 @ 6:56 PM: Emotional LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Lakers players speak immediately after landing in LA – The champs had something to say.
Oct 12 @ 8:57 PM: Lakers mural gets awesome Kobe Bryant transformation after 2020 championship win – ‘Leave a Legacy'.
Oct 12 @ 9:31 PM: What LeBron James told a crying Anthony Davis minutes before winning NBA title – “Oh, you crybaby!”
Oct 12 @ 9:45 PM: LeBron James' epic tweet after unbelievable championship win with Lakers in NBA bubble – “It just now hit me!”
Oct 12 @ 9:49 PM: LeBron James has a strong message for all his critics – “I know they'll make up another criteria that nobody else has ever had in the history of the game.”
Oct 13 @ 8:01 AM: 76 fans arrested, 8 cops injured during Lakers championship riots – The title win had some bad moments too.
Oct 13 @ 9:44 AM: Anthony Davis posts first Instagram message after winning NBA title – “Don't need a caption for this one.”
Oct 13 @ 9:23 PM: LeBron James fires back at ‘Washed King' critics after 2020 title win – The picture is worth a thousand words.
Oct 13 @ 9:58 PM: Shaquille O'Neal speaks out on if LeBron James-led Lakers can be a dynasty after 2020 title – “This will be a start.”

Lakers' 2020 Championship Party In Vegas

Oct 18 @ 5:35 AM: LeBron James seen playing blackjack, repping Dodgers in Las Vegas while celebrating 2020 title – LeBron also had a '23' cigar.

Oct 18 @ 12:47 PM: Lakers' JR Smith takes over DJ booth in Las Vegas while celebrating championship – JR Smith knows how to party.

Oct 18 @ 1:19 PM: LeBron James walks into Las Vegas championship party with Larry O’Brien Trophy – The champ is here.